Johnny Dollar was created in New Bern, North Carolina during late 2000. With their high energy performances, Johnny Dollar has formed a strong fan base in the southeast. Traveling non-stop, the band has taken their show into new regions and is reaching more people every day. Their performance has captivated people of all ages and walks of life.

The roots of Johnny Dollar go back as far as 1992 when five high school friends started making music together. It was eight years later when the five reconnected through a series of out of the blue phone calls and pick-up gigs. Within months, Johnny Dollar was molded into its primary form. Since the beginning, it’s always been about energy, soul, and musicianship. Over the years, experience and hard work would focus and tame this energy into well polished showmanship. It is this genuine showmanship that has been the largest contributing factor towards the success of Johnny Dollar.

The band’s debut CD was recorded in 2001. “24-7 Man” and “Windows” received significant recognition in clubs as well as regional air play. The same year, the band was nominated for “Favorite New Artist” by the South East’s Carolina Beach Music Association. A second CD, "A Place Nobody Can Find," was released in summer 2004.

Johnny Dollar is on the bill at some of the largest festivals in the region, alongside such groups as The Impressions, The Stylistics, and The Tams. The band’s show blends R&B, soul, and rock. When they hit the stage, they remind audiences of a time when bands went all out to please the crowd and held nothing back. Johnny Dollar is “in it for the love of the game.”